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presepe da tavolo - georg - natività - val gardena - legno


    The GEORG Nativity scene comes in a refined stylized design. The selected maple wood provides a smooth surface of all figurines, this turns certain details like the faces and eyes almost to perfection.

    Sonia Demetz - Presepi in legno

    Aida Nativity Scene

      For the Aida Natitivity scene I wanted something modern, linear but over all simple. Made of ash wood and hand painted by myself

      Moorish dancers

        Moorish dancers, are figures that come from a historical and cultural tradition in the Arabic-Oriental regions.

        Sonia Demetz, carnival, clowns, wood carved


          Let’s open our minds and allow our creativity to be fancy! What kind of mask do we want for this Carnival?!? This party represents a happy and joyful time for any adults and all children… Read More »Carnival

          Sonia Demetz - San Valentino

          Valentine’s day for lovers

            Genuine ideas for Valentine’s day for you, sculptures, traditional art works of maple and linden wood of Val Gardena