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Buyers Guide

Choose the product, size, color and double check the cost; enter the quantities and place everything in the cart. You can always go back and re-set the cart. Once the cart is complete, you’ll be easily guided to the check-out Including the shipping cost. We remind you the offer of free shipping throughout Europe over € 100 of purchase amount.

FOOTNOTE with regard to the descriptions „handcrafted and hand painted” set forth on this site. All original wood carved sculptures are artful designed under the direction of Sonia Demetz. Further, these art works get milled at a rough stage with the help of a pantograph by using prime wood selections only. Finally, any and all wooden figure are “refined and finished by hand”, thus “handcrafted”. Any colored or stained wooden sculptures are fully “hand painted” by Sonia, or either under her direct supervision, in fact Sonia took the “degree of Art Master in figures painting”.