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Holy Mary with baby Jesus introduced at the “Our Lady of the Volkanes” in Tinajo
The wooden sculpture “Holy Mary and Child” – from the collection of Sonia Demetz appears here at the “Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sorrows”, also known as “Our Lady of Volcanoes, Saint Patron of the Island of Lanzarote – Spain”. The history of the Sanctuary of the “Mdonna of Sorrows”. In April 1735, a lava… Read More »Holy Mary with baby Jesus introduced at the “Our Lady of the Volkanes” in Tinajo
If you may come to spend holidays in Val Gardena, the advice I would like to give you is to try to look at this place with a bit curiosity, searching its history and its natural beauties. I was born and raised in this valley, but I will never stop myself to get surprised when… Read More »MY VAL GARDENA VALLEY
Swiss pine: the wood for the 5 senses
The pine cones At the beginning of Summer, the cones of the Swiss pine are growing, which in Ladin, the language spoken in Val Gardena, are named “puc” (putch), inside you’ll find a truly precious quality of pine nuts, all protected in their shell and resin layers. The only ones who know how to get… Read More »Swiss pine: the wood for the 5 senses

I love to draw and paint wooden sculptures, and because of this passion, I keep both the tradition of our valley and the one of my family alive” – Sonia Demetz

– Sonia Demetz

Our wood carving tradition of sculpting and color-painting

Val Gardena is renown, it is said to be a special and magical valley. Nestled in the heart of the Dolomites, this picturesque part of South Tyrol is covered with green woods, serene alpine meadows and embraced by impressive vertical mountain landscapes. For centuries men and women in this valley have developed and perfected a unique ability; that of artisan wood carving. This tradition remains part of local culture today. Top quality materials are hand shaped in sacred and secular sculptures. Sonia Demetz lends to this story with her personal touch; as she draws the figures, and as a final touch, she then hand color-paints each one of them. Sonia’s remarkable skill of wood painting was learned from her mother, in turn, passed down from generations. Today, Sonia continues this artisan tradition with a never-ending commitment and deep passion to make each of her carvings one of a kind.

Sonia Demetz - Wooden handcarved Crucifix - at Sëurasass
Wooden handcarved Crucifix – at Sëurasass


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To make your carvings truly unique, we suggest the you select your colors for the wooden nativity scenes of Val Gardena, or perhaps the magic of the Christmas story, or any of Sonia’s other offerings.

The wooden nativity scenes of Val Gardena

The magic of the Christmas story

Setting up a nativity scene at home is a special time of the year for all the family, in telling the true story of Christmas together with your loved ones.

Year after year you can enhance the nativity scene by adding new wooden figurines as you choose. The setting up of your nativity scene is a special time of joy and over the years will enrich your family traditions.

The selection of nativity scenes

Sonia has created many different kinds of crèches, so that you can choose the one that best suits you and your home.

We offer different styles; for example, baroque, classical, Romanesque, modern or stylized. In our shop you can find five series of nativity scenes with over 160 unique figurines and in various sizes to choose from. Your selections will bring to life a nativity scene with a richness that only handcrafted, hand color-painted wooden figurines possess.

May I help you to choose

Please feel free to send me a picture of the room where you would like to set up the nativity scene and the size of the space available; I’ll be pleased to offer you my best assistance. And, I’ll be happy to do this, thus, to make sure that you’ll enjoy your home nativity scene over times.


Classical, modern ethnic, select your preferred one from any of the proposals offered

Sonia Demetz - Christmas markets in Baden Baden and South Tirol


I really love to show my products at Christmas markets. The Christmas atmosphere, the joy for the holidays, the desire to find something special, the happiness that fills them and the scents of Christmas sweets lends to these events a magic touch.

I offer my creations at Christmas markets primarily in Bavaria and in Baden Württemberg, Germany. These markets allow me the joyus opportunity to meet and interact with so many people, and to share with them personally my passion for artisan wood carvings; while allowing me to bring our centuries old Val Gardena traditions abroad.

If you would like to keep updated about my work, please subscribe to my newsletter and you’ll receive all the most current information, including show dates, market locations and the wood carvings that are available.



I was blessed to be brought up in one of the most beautiful mountain valleys, Val Gardena. It is here where I was taught to love nature and tradition,

and like my sisters and my mother, I was introduced at an early age to the art of color-painting hand carved wooden figurines. This beginning lead me to seek an education in art, and to choose a life of sculpting and painting. Within this passion for my art, I greatly love being able to contribute and to be part of the fascinating history of Val Gardena.

Sonia Demetz - Artigianato della Val Gardena
Holy Mary with baby Jesus introduced at the “Our Lady of the Volkanes” in Tinajo

Holy Mary with baby Jesus introduced at the “Our Lady of the Volkanes” in Tinajo

The wooden sculpture “Holy Mary and Child” – from the collection of Sonia Demetz appears here at the “Sanctuary of…


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Thank you for your interest in my artisan wood carvings. If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to helping you!

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