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Swiss pine: the wood for the 5 senses

    Swiss pine, or Swiss stone pine, is an evergreen pine with long needles which grows above 1500 meters altitude along the southern hills of the Alps. Even 10000 years ago, upon the ice melting the tree found its ideal habitat in the Dolomites area, given also due to the result of the gentle Mediterranean climate.

    The English term “Swiss Pine” would refer it to Switzerland only; in trues this is geographically limiting. On the other hand, the same way, it can’t be said that this is the South Tyrol’s region tree. Nevertheless, our forests are at most rich by this pine; definitely because of the climatic balance between north and south.

    And what’s notable is that the Dolomites landscape is stunning unique: high above the blue sky, the upright pale-rose mountains and right underneath changing to smooth Alpine meadows. This latter picture is framing the broad and green Swiss pine woods, which at glance become familiar through one of its unique nature: the scent.

    In fact, it’s a pine with a unique aroma.

    Walking in Swiss-pine woods, depending on the season, you get stunned by the strong sensations of wood and forests, particularly thanks to its resin and needles releasing the unique scents and vibrations.

    It is a wood that, once men-worked, relaxes and warms you up. Its aromas are consistent over times, the resin flavor remains. The charm of its beneficial wood makes it unique.

    It is an ancient wood, if we may say so, because it is used to furnish the Stuben of many farms. Stuben are the historic wooden rooms in farmers houses, the only ones used to be heated, where all the family met.

    That scent infuses the environment. Not only then, even today.

    Sonia Demetz - Cirmolo sullo Stevia

    Its knotty scent of wood can also fill any room also through the objects created from its material or with the help of oil essences.

    Swiss pine essential oils are extracted and distilled from the twigs of this special pine.

    A few drops of this oil bring the scent of the high mountain woods in your home.

    You can select this unique benefitting essence in our shop together with the scented wood chips stored in the hand-turned box also made of Swiss pine wood.

    The pine cones

    At the beginning of Summer, the cones of the Swiss pine are growing, which in Ladin, the language spoken in Val Gardena, are named “puc” (putch), inside you’ll find a truly precious quality of pine nuts, all protected in their shell and resin layers.

    The only ones who know how to get into these sticky scales are the squirrels and the pine-jays who love them.

    Traditionally the pine cones are selected as an ingredient for grappa’s and liqueurs as well, highlighting the scent and flavor of Swiss pine.

    Today the benefits of Swiss pine are unquestionable, it’s a wood that lends serenity and calms, ideal for relaxation.

    In fact, not only the Stuben are made with Swiss pine wood but also beds and furniture thanks to the precious benefits.

    The Swiss pine wood is soft, easy to work with, definitely not loved by moths, therefore it’s ideal for any kind of creations, for every day’s utility as well.



    When the eyes navigate the gentle green vastness of needles and gnarled logs, there where the forest ends changing to Alpine meadows overseen by majestic mountains.


    When you walk in the woods and listen to the whisper of pine needles moved by the wind, a sound that enters your heart.

    Udito - hören - listen hearing
    Sonia Demetz Zirbelkiefer hören – udito cirmolo – Swiss pine, listen hearing

    When the perfume intense of resin and wood enters your lungs, you’ll take this back-home forever.

    Olfatto - Geruch - smell
    Sonia Demetz Zirbelkiefer Geruch – Cirmolo olfatto – Swiss pine smell

    When the taste buds get curious about the flavor that comes from the Swiss pine woods, so much cozy and relaxing.

    Sonia Demetz Zirbelkiefer Geschmack – Cirmolo sapore – Swiss pine taste

    When the palm of the hands touches the softness of the pine wood itself allowing to be molded softly, then releasing traces of wellness over all the body.

    Gefühl - tatto - touch
    Sonia Demetz Zirbelkiefer Gefühl – cirmolo tatto – touch

    Would you like to bring some Swiss pine wood back-home?

    Select any of my wood art, go to the shop.