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    Let’s open our minds and allow our creativity to be fancy! What kind of mask do we want for this Carnival?!?

    This party represents a happy and joyful time for any adults and all children where everybody may get dressed to imitate their idol, their favorite animal or even, cover roles and jobs they have always dreamed.

    The mask allows you to be who you aren’t and to escape the usual routine. It manages to hide and enhance emotions at the same time, both either the beautiful than the less beautiful ones. Clowns, for example, understand how to alternate moments of great joy with other more sad and nostalgic ones, the result of the emotions felt by the character: love and friendship. The clown manages always to conclude his performances with a big smile highlighted by the colors of her mask, same like those used by Sonia to paint the clowns in her collection.


    You may customize these with your favorite colors

    Carnival origins

    Carnival (Carnem-levare from the Latin) means “to remove the meat”. This term, in fact, indicates the period before Easter, or Lent, in which it is customary not to consume meat-based foods, a superfine dish.

    The carnival represents the last period in which it was possible to feast.

    Why the mask?

    During the Egyptian festival in honor of the goddess Isis, many people showed up in masks. This custom spread through to the Roman Empire.

    In Italy

    The most famous carnival is the one of Venice where elegance, colors, fabrics and creativity fully immerses people in a magical atmosphere. Other important events are the carnival of Viareggio with its colorful and very original carts and the carnival of Ivrea known for its famous “battle of the oranges”.

    In Val Gardena

    A tradition handed down for generations is the lunch of “La juebia grassa”, on Shrove Thursday, where you eat the classic “Panicia”, a barley soup with speck and smoked loin. This tradition is linked to some stories handed down over times: it is said, in fact, that some kids from the valley, as a joke, try to sneak into the neighbors’ houses to “steal the Panicia”, replacing it with a large pot full of water with inside an old shoe.

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