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Holy Mary with long hair, with child


SKU: 1006

A maple wood sculpture representing the Immaculate Holy Mary holding baby Jesus in her arms.
Our Lady is dressed in a wonderful blue mantle trimmed with gold which aims the continuity of the beautiful wavy hair.
This carved movement emphasizes the dynamics of the act of the mother and her child.
A handmade and hand-painted sculpture rich and artful executed: the tenderness and love in this representation can be recognized in many of the details, the long hair and the carefully selected colors which stimulate the heart of any person.

This artwork is part of the wood-carved Holy Marie’s collection that Sonia is handcrafting, all are specially marked products of Val Gardena’s artisanal performance. Made of maple wood and with 50cm and 60cm of linden.


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natural, painted


linden tree, maple