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Holy Family


The Holy Family of the Aida nativity scene figurines consist of Mary, Joseph and Jesus in the crib; available in sizes 12 cm and 15 cm

SKU: 101351

Maria appears kneeling with open arms looking at her child with devotion. Joseph shows an upright posture; being aware of what happened, he is holding a lantern with no light, this to announce that the real light comes from Jesus himself.
Jesus is shown in all his splendor wrapped in white, thus indicating absolute purity.
In the figure of Maria, we note as well the play of colors that comes from the wood grains. A light sky blue and in the lower part of the dress a bright red that matches the color of her young cheeks.
The focal point of the artwork of the Holy Family in this Aida nativity lays in the arms of these figurines, all together the latter forms one single embrace, the embrace of humanity.

The figurine of Baby Jesus may be removed from the manger.


12 cm, 15 cm


natural, painted, stained, multishadowing


ash tree