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Set Demetz nativity scene, 15 units


Set Demetz nativity scene 15 units, without stable

SKU: KF3003

Set Demetz nativity scene 15 units, without stable; check section “with stable” as well.

The Demetz Nativity, a baroque style scene, is designed with well-chosen details. For the sculpting of the figurines I selected maple wood; this due to its natural pale color.
The name of the crib itself underlines the long wood art tradition of Val Gardena: in fact, Demetz is a quite renown surname of this our Dolomites valley, claiming to be the native home of wooden sculptures.
Among the figurines, you may note a refined representation of the Holy Family; this for its colors sequence and a rich gold outlining.


9 cm, 11 cm, 15 cm, 23 cm


natural, painted