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I studied at length on how to come up with any new Aida nativity scene design. My vision was to have something modern, stylized, yet also simple. Now, herein please find the outcome of my thoughts.

For its workmanship I selected ash tree because its wood-grain come through in a natural way, thereof the whole composition turned in a state of the art.
All single pieces of the nativity scene are entirely hand painted by myself with pastel colors, thus allowing special shadow nuances. I selected oil paint; this to grant consistent color durability.

Yet, the Aida nativity scene is available in three options
1) natural
2) colored
3) multi-tone stained

For the figurines characters, I focused a lot on their expressions. Regarding Holy Mary I meant to focus on the body language that she should aim: therefore, I designed her with open arms rather than with folded hands: holding one hand on her chest and the other one extended very motherly towards Jesus child. This was my thought because it was significant to me to underline even more the importance represented herein: “the birth of the Savior of the world” proving full acknowledgement and trust in him. While St. Joseph illuminates the nativity with his lantern, the Baby Jesus figurine can be lifted from its manger.

The wooden crib stable shows three arches fixed on the base, unlike the figurines which are mobile and can be placed anywhere at your choice. On request, the crib can be equipped with LED lighting fixed under the front palms-arch. This will turn the nativity scene in an even more astonishing scenic brightness at home, then among your lovers during Christmas time.

This artwork is at most harmonious, fitting super next to any modern furniture, but not only.
Aida Nativity scene can be in the picture of any kind of home set up, either of dark wood or of any light tones background as well; this not only during Christmas time, eventually throughout all the year.
The figurines are available in two sizes: 12cm and 15cm.