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Thinking about jokes, playing games and fun, one of the first characters that you can think of are clowns; particularly during carnival.

They have always been synonymous of joyfulness, joviality and self-irony with their shows knowing how to entertain young and old by giving them smiles and receiving applause and enjoyment in return.

For carnival, Sonia offers a collection of hand-carved wooden clowns.

The colors used are intense and bright allowing the feeling of joy when looking at the sculpture, same as the clown offers in its own shows.

Clowns have always been associated with playing-games and jokes and since childhood they know how to spread fun and relaxed emotions; this adding a touch of self-irony that makes them even more comical.

They know how to be nice, offering balloons to the audience, but they also know how to be romantic, eventually handing out flowers. Magicians, musicians and jugglers, the clown always knows how to attract being unpredictable. Always beware of jokes, suddenly all clowns reserve impulsive surprises, particularly during carnival. Each clown is special and has something that makes him unique.